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5. A Letter To Me

Today is a good day.

I’ve noticed that if I give myself, my life, and my FLESH a moment to get through the shell shock of a change, I have a chance.

*Stay disciplined, transparent, and attentive while you deal with the challenge of change*

Today is a good day. I try to never ever forget that those days do come…. sometimes effortlessly.

Today I’m beautiful. I’m kind. I’m prepared and unapologetic.

The last one there is so important.

Listen darling, this world will offer you ten million reasons as to why you’re not enough. Don’t listen.

And do not be deceived, telling you that you’re wrong is NOT enough. It will try to shade you, mock you, blast you, and discredit everything your heart, mind, and soul need to believe to survive.

So it is also not enough to just know they’re wrong about you. You’ve got to know what’s right about you.

Then you have to live like it. Walk like it. Talk like it. Act like it. Love like it. Never apologize for it!

Because we’ve done nothing wrong by being called and chosen.

We’ve denied no one of anything by being bought by the blood of Jesus Christ.

And because we aren’t sorry….

…for being kings and queens, heirs and joint heirs.

…for knowing that grace and glory allows us to live beyond the world’s limitations.

…for being sent to be messengers of the God of all.

…for being needed as mouthpieces delivering precious words of our Savior.

I’m not sorry that my age, skin, family name, or sex make you uncomfortable with receiving what God has placed on the inside of me.

Darling, promise me you’ll speak up. That the words will flow out of your mouth with the same boldness and eloquence with which they are formed in your heart. That you will relay the messages in your mind in a way that shakes rooms, moves mountains and leaves everything around you changed.

Promise me that you will cry out all the consequential tears into the hand of your Father.

He is consistent when they aren’t.

Be who he made you.

Enjoy every breath.

You are everything he made you to be.

Rest. Smile. Love yourself. Be Graced.


Momma D


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