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Work It! (oh...i'm back!!!)

I've spent the last two weeks learning something new. And while spending way too much time to master an unnecessarily fancy little cookie seems small in the grand scheme of everything happening around me, it matters.

We've been in the house for months. And in that time I have tried (and most days failed) to wrap my mind around what's happening. A pandemic, widespread poverty, police brutality, panic, politics, racism, cancel culture, hate by the tons, injustice, isolation, clarity of character of everyone around me in a scary way, uncertainty in every form....and personally a struggle with infertility that has been painful both physically and emotionally in my home.

It's a lot to swallow. It's a lot to navigate.

It's been a lot to release to God...constantly.

So last week I began to bake. And I know it seems unrelated but I realized years ago that this gift God gave me was good for more than just desserts. It was good for me. I found that even the smallest talents God hid within me have purpose, even if it often goes untapped.

This week keeping my hands and my mind busy with sugar and spatulas has kept them off of everything I have spent time releasing to God. Picking up my mixers has helped me lay down the million and one issues I would be worrying about or planning for that only God can truly control. This slows me down. It stills me just long enough to hear his whispers. It occupies my flesh so that anxiety can't. It helps me to breathe, to listen, to reconnect. He knew I needed this. That being said, I now have dozens of cookies here that I won't even eat. Lol, but that's okay. I'm grateful today. For the small things, the small gifts, the tiniest God granted things that continue to bless my life in monumental ways that I can't always explain. I pray that in the middle of it all you remember your talents, your gifts. I hope you're reminded that God, Jehovah Jireh, your provider, has already provided solutions to whatever we're facing whether we realize it or not. I pray you tap into whatever he has hidden in you, and that when you do peace would overwhelm you and wash away fear and that in that silence you would hear him loud and clear. I pray you put your gift to work. I pray you find the light. ❤ "So, my very dear friends, don’t get thrown off course. Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light." James 1:16-17 (Oh super proud of these things. And before one of yall ask, give me about a week to square away packaging and I'll be ready to sell them. I promise. Lol) #TurtleMacarons #BakingTherapy


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